Contingency/Direct Hire Search would make  the most sense for your organization if you were in need of a mainstream position that you were looking to fill in a normal time period.  There is no cost associated with a "Contingency" Search unless you choose to move forward and hire a candidate that we have presented to you.  Cost is traditionally predicated on a percentage of the candidates annualized compensation.


A Retained Search model would make the most sense for your organization if this search were impeded by one or more of the following factors: scarcity (low inventory of candidates with this skillset or a senior leadership based position), obscurity (the location of this position in relation to more populated areas or other candidates with this skillset), confidentiality (due to the nature of this opening you do not want other members of your organization to know about this), or timing (you need position filled NOW).  This service often makes more financial sense as often times we are willing to negotiate a discount predicated on mitigating our risk with upfront payment.


Hiring a contract employee would make the most sense for your organization if you wanted to "try before you buy" by mitigating the risk associated with hiring a direct hire employee.  Maybe you want the financial flexibility of putting a candidate on our payroll should your business forecasting change or perhaps you have a short term project or assignment where you only need a specific skillset for a defined period of time.